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  Mt. Molodezhniy - 4147м.

2 days
cost 850
group from 1 to 3 people
included: guide, food, Transfers, equipment, placement
only a guide - 150 euros per day

A wonderful trip. Home - gornylyzhnaya Chimbulak. First you need to go 2.5 hours to platinum Mynzhylki. (If from platinum Mynzhylki turn left (from the ruined brick house), then in 1 hour get to the Alpingrad (3500u.m).. Alpingrad is a very beautiful place for panoramas. And if you walk another 40 minutes, then come to a little madder lake.)
If the dam Mynzhilki go further up the gorge (on road), then again after 2, 5 hours get to the glacier Tuyuksu - 1. (3500u.m.). Glacier length of 2,5 km.
This route can be used all year round.
Hence it is possible to climb to the peak of the "Youth" - the height of 4147m. Category of 1B.



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