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Old and new Almaty

 Almaty Ala Tau, northern spur of hills Tean Shan at height from 670 up to 1700 m above sea level, in valleys of the rivers Big and Small Almaty's is located in southern - east part of republic, at ridge Zaili.A climate of city - continental. The mid-annual long-term temperature +9 ° With, absolute maximal temperature +46 ° With, minimal-37 ° S.Ploshchad cities makes 330 км2, the population for January, 1, 2004 almost 1,2 million person.

The city has been incorporated as military strengthening Zaili in 1854 when after connection of Kazakhstan to Russia there was a necessity of strengthening of imperial authority in Semirechie.

In 1867 strengthening has received the status of city. Per 1921 it is renamed into Alma-Ata, in 1929 becomes capital KazAsSr.

In 1997 it{he} loses this status in connection with carry of capital to Astana. Since then Almaty it is called southern capital of Kazakhstan and remains the economic and cultural center of republic.

На джайляу и юрты степняка(фото конца 19-го начало 20-го столетия)
  street Furmanov
  Museum Semirechensk Cossack
  Traces of the mudflow. Little River Almatinka July 8, 1921.
  View of the Commerce Street, now Avenue Silk Way
  first guild merchant Valiahun Yuldashev
  House Merchant Kurganov
  Свято-Казанский храм(90-ые годы 19 столетия).
Office of the State Bank (now demolished)
  Tatar mosque and a madrassa "Iskhaki" (now - at this point shop "Supermarket")
  Turkestan Cathedral (1907god architects Boris KA, SK Troparevsky, with the participation of AP Zenkov)
  House of Assembly of the military destroyed by an earthquake in 1887
  The angle of the streets L. Pasteur and Street Fountains, now - and M.Makataeva M.Tulebaeva. Before the Revolution the house of the merchant Isaac Gabdulvalieva
Orphanage architect P.Gurde -1892 year.
  Traces of the earthquake May 28, 1887
  Church destroyed by an earthquake in 1887.
  cracks in the ground after an earthquake in 1887

Sports complex "Meteo" is built in a mountainous area on the 1961metr height above sea level. Near the southern capital of Kazakhstan - Almaty. The first competition was held at the rink on February 4 1951. For all the time there were 170 world records set. Medeo rink - the mountain range of winter sports.


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