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Djungarian Alatau
The mountains and canyons Jarkent

      In this article we describe the tourist attractions located near the town of Zharkent. City Zharkent be in 322km. in the north-east of Almaty. The city is surrounded by canyons to the south and west. Mountains surround the city Djungarian Alatau to the north and east. This site provides many opportunities for interesting trips.
   The famous Charyn Canyon located 100 km south-west of the city Zharkent. Relict Ashen Grove and Canyon Temerlik are a bit north. Photos can be viewed HERE.

   Canyons and mountain steppe located 60km north of Jarkent.

   Mountain plateaus  are sometimes long before the 80km.

   Dzungarian mountain has a height above 4000m. above sea level

   Wood Aulie-Agash - in Kazakh - the holy tree. This tree has more than 700 years of age. The tree is 6.5 meters in circumference. The tree is considered - the saints. It helps and heals. The tree (elm) located 30 km away. Zharkent from the city.

   Zharkent mosque was built in 1892, the Chinese-style pagodas. The architect is - a Chinese architect hon Peak. The mosque was built in 5 years. Sponsor the construction of the mosque was made by a merchant Wali Akhun Yuldashev. At this point - the current museum.

The city is Zharkent Orthodox church built in the same 1892.
Travel season from May to October.

   Can be accommodated in hotels and health resorts near the city or Zharkent Chundzha.

   Nutrition. At the roadside cafes you can taste - a traditional Kazakh, Uighur and Dungan food.
Due to the natural diversity of landscapes from high mountains to deserts and natural areas, the area around the city has to Zharkent very diverse and rich experiences tourism. No wonder such famous sites as the natural park of the Altyn-Emel, Charyn Canyon, Ash Grove and Canyon Temerlik are in relatively close proximity to the city Zharkent.
Text and photo: Konstantin Kossov.

Djungarian Alatau
Djungarian Alatau
Canyons - Dzhungar Alatau
Djungarian Alatau
Djungarian Alatau
Canyons - Dzhungar Alatau  Canyons - Dzhungar Alatau
Canyons - Dzhungar Alatau
Canyons - Dzhungar Alatau   Canyons - Dzhungar Alatau
Canyons - Dzhungar Alatau
Tree Aulie-Agash. In the Kazakh language - the holy tree.
Djungarian Alatau
Djungarian Alatau
Djungarian Alatau
Djungarian Alatau
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