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Big Almaty Lake. Duration 1 day
Author of tour: Kosov Konstantin  

Almaty - Big Almaty Lake - hiking on the "moonlit glade" - nursery game birds "Sunkar"

Big Almaty Lake - located 28 km south of Almaty. Altitude 2511m. Depth of 35 m, the volume of water around - 14 million cubic meters. The lake water level varies greatly depending on the season.
A serpentine road goes takes you up along a picturesque gorge . We do not reach the lake in a few kilometers. We leave the car outside the hotel " Alpine Rose " and continue on foot to the " Moonglade " - 40min. The glade has the size of several dozen football fields and is surrounded by high mountain ridges . In some places grow Tian - Shan spruce in many colors. Mountain streams are flowing here, and this is where we have our lunch, including tea with mountain herbs.
Next we go to the lake by a mountain trail in the woods - 1.5 hours. Suddenly we find ourselves on a mountain road above the lake. Here we have a little rest and back to the car - 1 hour . Small pic nic and we drive to Bird Sanctuary " Sunkar " . It is the largest nursery for hunting birds in the world, with similar ones in Israel and Germany. Here you can also see the Kazakh breed of hunting dogs and even wolves. Or maybe book a horse ride. At 17-00 in the nursery a show is held with hunting birds.

   driving time - 3 hours
   hiking - 3h
   total time of the tour - about 9 hours
   main road - 30km.

Big Almaty Lake
Big Almaty Lake
nursery hunting birds Soonkar the world's largest
You can ride a horse in the surrounding mountains
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