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Medeo - Chymbulak - Alpingrad. Duration 1 day

Author of tour: Kosov Konstantin

   ice rink Medeo - ski base Chymbulak - dam Mynzhylki - Alpingrad

Moving Almaty - ice rink Medeo - 1691m . above sea level. (40 min. ) . Transfer to the ski base Chymbulak - 2260m . above sea level. We drove some more. We leave the car near the memorial to fallen climbers . Walk to go dam Mynzhylki 2.5 hours ( not a steep climb ) . Making a break for lunch with a nice hot tea and Recreation - 1hour . Continue to rise along the trail - 1 hour (sharp slope ) . We come to a large meadow at an altitude of 3450m . above sea level. This place is called - Alpingrad . Here a wonderful view of the mountains and glaciers around. After another half an hour we reach the glacier Manshuk Mametova . Here is a small moraine lake 3550m . asl Here we have a small lunch with hot tea. After that we return via the same route .

   driving time - 1 hours
   hiking - 5h
   total time of the tour - about 8 hours
   main road - 20km.
   of-road - 3km.

Small Almaty gorge
Skating rink Medeo
Skating rink Medeo and dam which in 1973 stood kick mudflow equal small explosion of a nuclear bomb.
Small Almaty gorge - view from the dam.
gorge Tuyuksu 
gorge Tuyuksu   
gorge Tuyuksu \
gorge Tuyuksu
on the way to the lake name Manshuk Mametova
Manshuk Mametova lake under the ice
view from the lake Manshuk Mametova
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