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tour - 4 days

1 day. Almaty - to Altyn-Emel park - Singing Dunes.
2 day. Mountains of Aktau
3 day.
Temerlik Canyon - Yellow Canyon
4 day. Charyn Canyon panorama - Charyn canyon"Valley of Castles" - Almaty.

1 day. Almaty - to Altyn-Emel park - Singing Dunes.

   Departure from Almaty early in the morning (about 7:00). We reach the city of Kapshagay (city where casinos are allowed ) . We pass near the Kapshagay lake and then climb the small pass Arkharly .
    Two hours later we reach the small town Sary-Ozeki. Here we make a stop for lunch at a local cafe . An hour later we enter the Altyn Emel ( in Kazakh - golden saddle) national park. We arrive in the village of Baschi, where the office parkhouse of Altyn Emel is situated. Here we pay for being in the nature park. We take a ranger to accompany us in the park.Going to the " singing dunes " - 50kmWalk to the top of the dune ( about 1 hour) .One kilometer from the dune we organize a picnic, near a spring named after Chokan Valihanov . We go back along the same road to the hotel. Shower, dinner .

driving time - 7 hours
walk - 1 h
total time of the tour - about 10 hours
main road - 300km.
off-road - 100km.

singing Dunes 1day
wild horse - Kulan
The park Altyn Emel
hotel Shigan
2 day . Park Altyn-Emel. Katutau Mountains, mountains of Aktau

   Breakfast 7-00. Departure at 8-00. After 1 hours we reach the Katutau Mountains mountains. After 1 hours more we reach the Aktau mountains. Our goal is the highest and most colorful part of this geological park called the Aktau Mountains. Here we stop for a short rest and a coffee break. And we continue the tour on foot in the Aktau Mountains - 3h. We go back along the same road to the hotel. Shower, dinner. Or we can have overnight at Aktau mountains (in tents).

driving time - 4 hour
total time of the tour - about 8 hours
main road - 0km.
overnight at the hotel or tent
walk - 4 h
of-road - 140km.

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Katutau Mountains  Katutau Mountains
Katutau Mountains  Katutau Mountains
Katutau Mountains
Aktau desert mountains - fantastic, incredible!!!
Altyn-Emel park    Altyn-Emel park    Altyn-Emel park
Altyn-Emel park
top view of desert mountains Aktau

on the road between the park Altyn Emel and Dzungar-Alatau mountains

3 day. Guest house - Temerlik Canyon
   Breakfast in the guest house. Transfer to "Yellow canyon " (4.5 hours away). Then we drive down to , at the Charyn River. These canyons are different in color and texture .
We will have a walk through this canyon. Our trail will lead us through red rocks and relict ash trees. It’s feeling like being in Jurassic Park.. Lunch.

A good dinner and mulled wine will make our evening even better.

driving time - 5 hours
walk - 3h
total time travel in this day - about 8 hours
main road - 160km.
off-road - 60km.

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Temerlik Canyon
relict ash at the bottom of the canyon
towers and grottoes canyon Temerlik
top view of the canyon Charyn
4 days. Yellow Canyon -"Valley of Castles" - mountain steppe Toraigyr - "red rocks"

Breakfast at the camp.  Upstairs we board the car again and move to a place with a beautiful view of Charyn park .
"Valley of Castles" on the canyon Charyn

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