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Spanish marathon in the maze of Altyn-Emel,
or how we opened the season

«The semiconductor is a guide who knows
only half of the route»

- «Where have you led us, damn Susanin?»
- «Leave me alone, I got lost!»

- «Where have you led us, damn Susanin?»
- «Leave me alone, I got lost!»

This time our companions on the journey were father and son from Spain. As they say, there were no signs of difficulties... but let's tell everything in order.
We passed the planned route on one of the ridges about three hours. With delight, we saw the beauty of the colorful mountains of Altyn-Emel. In principle, all we were very pleased with the walk and unrealistic views of the mountains. But, suddenly like the devil possessed me to offer to our guests, which are carriers of the tradition of bullfighting, to look for a different path for the descent. I honestly warned that the result is not obvious and perhaps in final we'll have to return by way of ascent. But the gallant Spanish father and son (Fernando and Daniel), without hesitation chose an adventure to find a new route (probably not erode in them the blood of the conquistadors).
We ate Belarusian bacon and Chinese cucumbers. After that our Kazakh-Spanish team, began the crossing of the mountains of Aktau.
If you take a sheet of paper, then much crumpled it, then slightly spread, you can imagine of the terrain, which we had to go. The pleat height was 300 meters from sole to the top. And we have climbed to the top.
Well, what to say, eight times we tried to leave the surrounding beauty and each time the descent through the gorge ended in a balcony of 30 meters (and even if 3 - what's the difference), after that, we went back to the top, to the next way to try to reach the desired bottom of the gorge.
It should be noted that the Spanish guys have shown themselves very adequately. Quietly and without fuss they repeatedly climbed up, dropping the height, joked, took pictures and wasn't going to turn back.
In the end, we still found the descent. I have the experience of walking through this maze, and I identified one of the gorges. Our efforts were rewarded with a great sunset view from the ridge. Fernando wrist GPS navigator recorded his personal best time day length of the route - 20 km. Taking into consideration the local topography - it is a good result.
The next morning of course, we felt aches throughout the body after the "walk" in the mountainous terrain. Nevertheless, in the end everyone was satisfied with the adventure and happy to continue the route to the canyons. A father and his son were very experienced travelers. It was interesting to hear their stories about different countries and people. Thanks to them, we have opened little more about Spain and fell in love with it. For me, it was the surprise how they solved the problem with immigrants, about which so much spoken people in various European countries. According to Fernando, they have not done difference between people - not in words but in reality. Regardless of nationality and country from which the person arrived. It is instructive.
As people say, a good beginning is half the battle.
We opened the season! Thanks to all participants!

В очередной раз спуск прерван обрывом, нужно снова подниматься наверх.

Верблюды на фоне поющего бархана, а за барханом наш Заилийский Алатау.
Ошалевшие апрельские зайцы, не убегают даже если подъезжаешь близко.

предгорья Джунгарского Алатау
С новой трассы между пос. Чилик и мостом через реку Или, в хорошую погоду видны разноцветные горы Актау.
Геологи говорят, что подобные разноцветные минералы бывают в местах где били горячие источники. И впрямь, в 50км от этого места целый сноп гостевых домов с горячими бассеинами.
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