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Natural Park Altyn-Emel. Duration -3 days
"Singing sand " and Aktau Mountains

Author of tour: Kosov Konstantin  
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1 day. Almaty - to Altyn-Emel park - drke to Singing Dunes.

Departure from Almaty early in the morning (about 7-00 ) . We reached the city Kapshagay (city where casinos are allowed ) . We pass near the lake Kapshagay . We pass a small pass Arkharly . Two hours later we reach the small town Sary-Ozeki. Here we make a stop for lunch at a local cafe . An hour later we pass pass Altyn Emel ( in Kazakh - golden saddle) . Come to the village Baschi where the office park Altyn Emel . Here pay being in the nature park . We take a ranger to accompany the park.
Going to the " singing dunes " - 50km
Walk to the top of the dune ( about 1 hour) .
One kilometer from the dune organize lunch. Near the spring Chokan Valihanov . Back along the same road to the hotel. Shower, dinner .

   driving time - 7 hours
   walk - 1 h
   total time of the tour - about 10 hours
   main road - 300km.
   of-road - 100km.


"Singing mountain "
Kulan - artiodactyls equines


2 day. Visiting Katutau Mountains and Ak-Tau Mountains.


 Breakfast. After two hours, the way we come to the mountains of Aktau. Our goal is the highest and most colorful part of the geological park - Aktau Mountains. Here we stop for a short rest and a coffee break. And continue the tour on foot in Aktau Mountains.
Back to the car when we do lunch, rest.

   driving time - 10 hours
   walk - 3 h
   total time of the tour - about 15 hours
   main road - 300km.
   of-road - 150km.


Aktau Mountains

In thatched bungalows we organize a small lunch. It's a little rest after the off-road.
Park ranger accompanies tourists
when we go to Aktau Mountains, we will see a very diverse and beautiful places
Altyn-Emel national park
incredible texture chalky mountains     
inhabitant of Aktau mountains - black vulture and his chick
Aktau Mountains Kazakhstan

Altyn-Emel Aktau mountains
  top view of the mountains Aktau
Aktay mountains
Aktau Mountains Kazakhstan        
from the bottom of the gorge Aktau mountains look fantastic towers and castles
Aktau Mountains Kazakhstan

3 day. Back to Almaty

Return trip to Almaty (about 6 hours plus one hour for lunch already familiar to us in the cafe Sary-Ozeki).

   driving time - 6 hours
   walk - 0 h
   total time of the tour - about 7 hours
   main road - 300km.
   of-road - 80km.

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