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Medeo - Chymbulak - Alpingrad

- all year round.

   clthing - You need to have warm clothes for the cold weather. And protection from rain. And light clothing for hiking. In the mountains, the weather changes very quickly. At an altitude of 3500m. asl snows in the summer. Shoes sneakers or boots.

   another - suntan cream, sunglasses
   route options - in this valley can be very interesting routes for several days.
For example - Ascent of Youth 4150m. asl
The two-day hike to the glacier Tuyuksu - 3500m. asl
Hike Chymbulak - Big Almaty Lake 3 days.

Small Almaty gorge. 

   Season. In the summer of hiking, climbing. In winter - skiing, hiking. In the spring need to be aware of tick activity. In summer and winter to take in sunscreen and warm clothing for the weather.

   Тransport. Public transport runs from the stop on the street. Dostyk corner. Abaya. A taxi from the city up to about Medeo 3000tn. Before Chimbulak 5000tn.
   Accommodation. At the ski lodge Chimbulak are several hotels.

   Butakovka Gorge - a spur of the Small Almaty gorge. Here is the route to "Butakovski" waterfall. In the gorge Butakovski many routes for hiking.

   Rock Climbing - a rock. Here you can practice rock climbing. Located 5 km short of the sports complex Medeo.

   Prosveshenets Gorge - one of the spurs of the Maly Almaty gorge. Located 800 meters from the Medeo. Here begins the ascent to the plateau of the Kok-Dzhaylau.

   Medeo - a sports complex "Meteo". 1961metr height above sea level. Located 25 km from the city of Almaty. The first competition took place on 4 February 1951. It was established 170 world records. Now Medeo rink is the highest ice skating rink. Rink is the world's largest area of artificial ice.

   Funicular. You can ride the funicular to the Medeo to Chimbulak. The length of 4,5 km. Cost about 2000tn. person.

   Chimbulak (2260 m above sea level) - nahoditya 25 km from the city of Almaty. How Chimbulak skiing runs since 1954. Ski area - 2260 - 3163 m length of the plateau - 3800 meters. Width - 100 to 600 meters. Difference in height - 943 m Average gradient - 12-28 degrees. The maximum slope of the slope - 45 degrees.

   Alpingrad (3600 m above sea level) you can go Chimbulak - Mynzholki dam (about 2.5 hours). Dam Mynzholki - Alpingrad (about 1.5 hours). You'll have a nice view of the peaks and glaciers. If you go for another forty minutes up, then you get to the lake number 6 on the glacier named Manshuk Mametova.

   Tuyuksu Glacier (3500nad sea level) - From the glacier to the platinum Mynzhylki Tuyuksu, (go about 2.5 hours), you get to the glacier Tuyuksu - 3500 m above sea level.

   In the Small Almaty gorge there are many good routes.

   Our company organizes tours - for weekend hiking trips, climbing. As well as transfers to Medeo, Chimbulak.
We provide equipment (tents, sleeping bags, backpacks). Nutrition.


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