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   Attention! Read carefully this is important for your tour!
   I and any of our guides can change or even stop the tour, as well as revise some preliminary arrangements without explanation of the reasons. Money for the tour in this case is not refundable. There are two main reasons for this.
   1. Emotional. We love our business and try to make tours for our tourists very well, as we would do it for members of our families or friends. We live this part of our life in tour together with you like with the friends. We make the tour together with you. So we spend a lot of time in communication with our tourists (much more than with the friends and family), therefore, we do not like to spend part of life in communication, which causes unpleasant emotions.
   2. Technical. Unforeseen conditions may arise during the tour. Such as changes in temperature, rains, avalanches, mudslides, administrative difficulties, etc., and only the guide on the basis of his experience and knowledge has the opportunity to make an adequate decision.
We wish you pleasant trip!

Providing equipment for tours;
- auto tours
- expedition
- trekking
- mountaineering
- climbing

Food - we organize meals in their tours.
Or we eat in the cafe over the road.

Sample menu for travel, if we camp Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon, sandwiches, cookies, tea, coffee.
For lunch: sandwiches (ham, cheese), vegetables, cakes, tea, coffee.
For dinner: Grilled meat with vegetables garnish (rice, potatoes, pasta), salad, tea, sweet.

Guest houses and hotels. If there is a route.

Or camping. Feature hotel for this purpose all the necessary equipment.

-Tables, chairs, dining tent, living tents, sleeping bags, lighting, heating, shower, etc.

Car tours

In his tours we prepared for the expedition cars
four-wheel drive
plenty of space for luggage
camping equipment
navigation equipment
satellite Phones

Hiking and climbing

We arrange multi-day tracks. And the simple 2.1 day trips to the mountains.We provide all services in the complex or at the request of its individual items:
- Guides, porters
- Provision of equipment (only with a guide)
- Transfers to the beginning of the campaign and after the meeting.
- Power supply (layout) in the campaign
as well as
- Organization of campsites along the route.
- Getting to power.
- Preparation of layouts
This service is especially useful in the preparation of climbs and difficult tracking


We organize one-day and multiday rafting or for groups of up to 20 people.We offer:
- Delivery of the alloy
- Splavsredstvo (only with a guide)
- Power supply route
- Organization of gaming alloys


Rock climbing

We organize climbing activities at various natural polygons near Almaty.
We offer:
- Delivery of the rock classes
- Provision of equipment
- Safety training
- Food
- Organize a photo or video shoot on any routes.

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