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Top tours -7

Big Almaty Lake.
Hiking on the "moonlit glade", nursery game birds "Sunkar". Duration 1 day.

Alpingrad. Ice rink Medeo, ski base Chymbulak, dam Mynzhylki. Duration 1 day.

Natural Park Charyn. Charyn Canyon, Temerlik Canyon, Temerlik Ashen wood. Duration 1-2 da

Plateau Assy. Turgen Gorge, Lake Issyk,"Bearicsh" waterfall, Оbservatory,
Plateau Assy, petroglyphs. Duration 1-2 days.

Natural Park Altyn-Emel. "Singing sand " and Aktau Mountains. Duration -2 days.

Kolsai lakes. Charin canyon - Kolsai lakes - Kaindy lake Duration 3 or 2 days.

"Golden circle" - 4 natural parks. Altyn-Emel park, "Singing Dunes", mountains of Aktau, hotel at the hot springs, Temerlik Canyon, Kulsay lakes, Charyn kanyon, mountain steppe Toraigyr, Assy plateau, petroglyphs, pass Assy, gorge Turgen,"Bearicsh" waterfall, Mountain lake Issyk, museum "golden man". Duration -
7 days.


Assy Plateau


Djungarian Alatau


Charin Canyon


Tamgali Tas(Ili river)

Tamgali - figures on rocks

Kolsay Lakes

Big Almaty lake

Left Talgar



Big Almaty lake




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