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 Konstantin Kosov - tourist guide, travel consultant in Almaty region

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Organization and conducting tours and expeditions
   Konstantin 1977g.r Kosov . - A guide for tourism, travel organizer .
   Author tours - then repeatedly passed by the author of this site and liked to dozens of people passed them along to me. And of course , with exclusive " inclusions " from the author. Places to visit that you are unlikely to be offered another excursion program .  Tours for people trying to organize as well as he would go , or with close friends . This means your favorite places and make the most informative and interesting . And also try to avoid " overloading " of fatigue in the road. This is often because of the abundance of incorrect information about the intended course .           

   To do this, all programs prescribed " copyrights " recommendations on how to make the stay wonderful.   Statement . For more than 15 years back autotravel and more than 20 years hiking tours in our region . Auto tours and mountain hikes , just a little climbing and alloys . Since 2001 - the instructor of mountaineering. Since 2005, the main activity is the operation guide and tour . Experience long expedition of geologists , ornithologists , photographers . Providing all the necessary camping gear and equipment for hiking in the mountains. Extensive experience catering route . the author of this site and all the photos
species taken from some routes.

                        email: tourskz@gmail.com          phone +7-777-231-44-88
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